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Noticed a small looping combo I could put on my swordmage build prior to needing the runic armor (would be using the hybrid talent on swordmage warding) Want to confirm that this is all legal (and I dont want to thread necro just to ask)

Baldric of ShieldingLevel 19 Common

This marcasite-studded baldric aids you when you use your aegis of shielding.

Waist Slot        105,000 gp


When you use your aegis of shielding power to reduce the damage dealt to an ally, you gain temporary hit points equal to the amount of damage you prevented.

Shield of FellowshipLevel 15 Uncommon

Polished to a bright sheen, this shield has magic that helps you share your resilience with allies.

Arms Slot: Any shield        25,000 gp


When you gain temporary hit points, you can transfer those temporary hit points + 3 additional temporary hit points to an adjacent ally as a free action. The hit points you transfer to an ally cannot be transferred again in any way.

Shared Valor ArmorLevel 8+ Common

The verses and images inlaid into this armor's surface are a source of inspiration for the wearer as much as for those who behold the armor.

Lvl 8+23,400 gpLvl 23+5425,000 gp
Lvl 13+317,000 gpLvl 28+62,125,000 gp
Lvl 18+485,000 gp

Armor: Leather or chain

Enhancement Bonus: AC


Whenever you grant temporary hit points to an ally, you gain temporary hit points equal to half the number you granted to that ally.

You use Aegis of shielding to reduce 9 Temps for yourself.
You use the triger to transfer the Temps to an ally (12 Temps)
You did not grant temporary hit points to anyone (you transfered it) thus you gain no temps.

That is how I would rule it. Although if you say Trasfering temps = granting temps (I wouldn't) then it would work like this:

You use Aegis of shielding to reduce 9 Temps for yourself.
You use the triger to transfer the Temps to an ally (12 Temps)
You gain  6 temporary hit points.

Everything else would stop because the ally already has all the temps they need.  I imagine you could give those 6 (9) hit points to another adjacent ally if you like.  This would however fall under the realm of "DMs can limit free actions" rule. 

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Even with granting something silly like 76 THP in Epic, the repeated halving quickly reduces it such that it really is only "worth the resources you put into it and not much more". Not really worth swinging the nerfbat at. 76 self, 79 Ally1, 39 Self, 42 Ally2, 21 Self, 24 Ally3, 12 Self, 15 Ally4, 7 Self. You end up with only 1 person having more than a Surge worth (ie. more than 1 hit) at the cost of needing everyone to be adjacent to you, and whatever other item/feats spent on an HP buffer. It's not that amazing, trust me, I'm an Artificer.

Of course, a Swordmage can't get anywhere near those numbers, you're looking at 31, 18, 12, 9, 7, 3 (self) for level 28-30, all of that but 11 on the 1st ally is getting wiped by aura's and damage zones at that level. "Most Damage Prevented per Round" is an award that goes to He Who Kills Things Faster.
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