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So most people at the shop i playat really dont play green all that much so i was thinking on makeing something out of green and i have bveen looking at hydras latley and really wondering if i could pull off a decent deck useing them. So im thinking Green mana ramp as fast as i can to get some big hydras out and swing for the kill. Now i was also thinking of useing elfs as my support for the hydras not sure of the baddass elf cards out there or even some sick chants for my mana or shut down the oppent till i have what i need on the feild. So any suggestions let me know as far as cards im looking at right now they are the following.

Primordal Hydra
Khalni Hydra
Feral Hydra
Sprouting Phytohydra
Rites of Flourishing

then was thinking about Bellowing Tanglewurm give me some more ways to get through the opponets defense 
Llanowar Elves, Arbor Elf, Elvish Archdruid and Joraga Treespeaker should be all you need to power out some nice fatties.  You could probably play Khalni on turn 5 with help from a Archdruid and 2 other elves.

Summoner's Pact is a good way to tutor up something big.

Summoning Trap, Green Sun's Zenith make for some nice things to ramp into, though Trap really wants to see something really nutz.

Primal Command is not a bad option either. 
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Best monogreen ramp is going to be Rites of Flourishing alongside Vernal Bloom. If you think you can wing it, you can just go Heartbeat of Spring, but that one is universal and you'll need to follow up fast so your opponent can't make too much good of it.

Primordial Hydra and Increasing Savagery is the golden combo here. 

And I'm pretty sure Khalni Hydra and Primalcrux were made for each other.


In case you didn't know (I didn't for the longest time) if you tutor something directly onto the battlefield from your library and there is an X in the mana cost, that X zero by default. So if you use Green Sun's Zenith to find a Primordial Hydra, the hydra will enter the battlefield and immediatly die.
Rosheen Meanderer is helpful in my hydra build, but it's different being r/g.
thanks for the ideas so far guys and def some good tips here now next question i got is now clearly big hydras fast is good and all but we one kill spell away from the whole plan going out the window so what out there do we have to keep them safe. Is there a chantment that gives all creatures hexproof?
Let's see, a mate's got a RG hydra deck which isn't terrible, so I'm just trying to think of what he has in it...

Birds of Paradise, Primordial Hydra, Apocalypse Hydra

He runs Comet Storm for removal - he ramps a little anyway, so may as well use an X spell that offers card advantage.

He has a couple Quicksilver Amulet in there - primarily for the Progenitus or two he has in the deck, but he can also get out Hydra Omnivore (as an 8/8 without evasion I don't know how good it'd be in 1v1, but in MP it does alright as it hits everyone if anyone is open).

I feel like he ramps a little more, but for the life of me I can't think of what ramp spells he uses. Everflowing Chalice seems like it'd be a good inclusion alongside X hydras though - ramps a little  early game, or a lot late game. 
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