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As we all know, the Arcane Congress is in Aundair. Before the war, they were the premiere arcane academy in Galifar, and since the war ended, they are moving back to that. But what about during the Last War?

The Arcane Congress is supposed to be non-political, but everyone knows they fully support the Queen of Aundair and her government, providing magical advice and so forth. Was this the stated policy of the school during the War? Or did they still train Wizards and Artificers from other countries as well, like the Dragonmarked Houses did?

The reason I ask is I am creating a noble character from Cyre (so he is a nobleman without a country, without money, and without a family, except a distant relation to the Prince of Cyre-second or third cousins) I thought he might have avoided the Day of Mourning while being in training at the Arcane Congress, but then I read in Five Nations what jerks the Aundairians were to the Cyrans and the Queen not allowing them to enter Aundair after the Day of Mourning. This could still work with my backstory provided the Arcane Congress accepted students from other countries during the War. Otherwise, I will have to rework it to be in Breland or someplace else.

Any ideas? Did I miss a supplement or article that talked about the War time activities of the institutions of higher learning? I thought it would be in Magic of Eberron, but it didn't seem to be there.    
I just looked through Forge of War and Five Nations, hoping to get a straight answer, but unfortunately didn't get one. What I did find was this:

The Forge of War page 13

The Arcane Congress at Arcanix raised no objection to the Aundairian occupation, instead declaring itself a noncombatant.

At this point in the latter portion of the Last War, the land beneath it was seized by Aundair. This was only a year into the war. From that point on, considering it was wartime, my assumption would be that Aundair would have shut its borders from its neighbors, thus restricting access to the Arcane Congress. More over, Five Nations seems to describe an Arcane Congress that was providing Aundair with knowledge, items, and power for use in the war. Despite their apparent stance of noncombattant, they seemed to take Aundair's side.

Perhaps your character could have studied at the Tower of the Twelve instead? Though it is technically in Korth, I feel like no country would risk losing the support of the Houses by shutting down access to their facilities. That said, considering there's no conclusive answer, you could probably say that the Arcane Congress was treated in the same manner, but that Aundair made it more difficult with their hold over Arcanix (recall that the Arcane Congress actually floats int he sky above the town of Arcanix).
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No, I think you're right. I read the Five Nations and figured they were in the bag for Aundair. I will rework the backstory to include something else. I've always liked Aundair as a country, Stormhome, Passage, Arcanix, rural countryside and nobility in their cities. It was a shock to find out that they were intolerant to the displaced Cyrans. I suppose I could rework it so he's a former Aundairian noble, but that just doesn't have the romance of Cyre to it. Being Cyran, he would probably not be invited to the Aundairian noble parties, since they would have no reason to accept his elevated status. Pity.

I will now have to study Breland more closely, since he will probably be working out of one of their cities like Sharn or Woat.   
In the last days of the war, what were the alliance structures? If Cyre and Aundair were allied, then your character could have been training at the Arcane Congress/Arcanix in much the same way that some US allies are trained at West Point/Army War College/Command and General Staff College.

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