shifters and their mating rituals

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Can a shifter mate with a human, elf, half-orc? Note: Races of Eberron talk about how changlings who mate with human either have humans or changlings and we know what happens when elves and orcs mate with humans. I always assumed that dwarves couldn't have kids with humans, or that it was an either/or situation like the changlings.

The reason I ask is that I have a female shifter character that I want her to fall in love with a human. (She likes the way he smells, like an animal-like instinct) He is not interested so far, but she hangs around to prove herself to him in hopes that he will change his mind. If he does, will there be the possibility of children and if so, what will they be?

I am working on finding interesting ways to build relationships within a party. I am wondering if I missed a supplement or article that talked about this sort of thing. Ecology of the Shifter or something like that. Any help would be appreciated, even if it is just your opinion. Shared world means in lieu of a stated policy, general consensus rules.
I would assume Shifter-Human babbies would basically be either particularly bestial Humans or particularly Human Shifters.
Whosever blood is stronger - I'm leaning on the Shifters. 
There is no half-shifter, so you have two options.  Either try to design a half-shifter race from the ground up (ill-advised), or simply say that the offspring is mechanically either shifter (has the ability to shift) or human (does not have the ability to shift) and describe them as looking like a cross between the two.

When in doubt, take the race of the same gendered parent (as in, since the shifter is female, make the offspring a shifter if it is a girl, human if it is a boy).
Shifters are descended from lycanthropes.  They and their children are shaped by that blood, just as the children of Tieflings are shaped by their fiendish ancestry.  I say the child of a shifter will be a shifter, though perhaps he will pass for human until puberty.
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