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I've been searching for a specific article about Far Realm features for PC's.
I'm prettysure it's Unearthed Arcana, since it icludes a small roll-table for mutations and stuff, like no eyes, black squid eyes, tentacle arm, etc.
Does anyone else remember this?  I'd appreciate a link if you can find it.  My search-fu is weak on this one. 
Its a Dungeon 201 article by Randall Walker called Unearthed Arcana: The Truth Is Out There

Thanks Plague, I figured if anyone would respond, it'd be you.  however... it's not actually the article I'm looking for.
I could have sworn there was a different article about Far Realm, most likely in Dragon as it dealt with player options.
It was done after they started comment on articles, so sometime in the last year or so. 
I"ll keep searching, but there's really only 4 options:
1- I'll find it
2- It never existed
3- I have it confused with a different article
4- They removed the article for some reason

Thanks anyway though Plague 
ps- I've searched July 2010 to present in both Dungeon and Dragon, to no avail so far.
You're welcome nerraDetroK. I don't remember what you are looking for. 

PS Wait, could it be Dungeon 197 article by Tim Eagon called Creature Incarnations: Hordelings ? It has such tables, but its for monsters, not PCs. Very cool feature still though :P
Check out "Totem Creatures of the Far Realm: Aberrant Souls" from Dragon 394. That table is on page 3 of the article.
That's it exactly, Herid_fel!!!

I knew it existed, but I kept glossing overthat article because I thought it was about Totem implements.
And Plague thanks for looking, you pointed out some good articles anyway.  I really appreciate the help from both of you.
You're welcome! Glad you found it and thanks to Herid_fel for helping out.
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