Monster level -1 and 0

After seing the debates on how much the monsters are "too strong" or "too weak" at first level, I recalled a discussion with one of my player saying that there should have level 0 or -1 monsters. 

This would make appropriate encounters for level 1 characters without the need of putting them in a really dangerous encounter, even with a goblin that could 1 shot someone if he's lucky.

Plus, it does not make sense at all that a RAT can be a level 1 monster = to a goblin. Rats should be -1 and hit for around 1-2. This would allow the DM to put a lot of them in a fight, making it more realistic of a "rat plague" or whatever.

This is just an idea that I would like us to discuss as there is a lot of thread about monster difficulty, mostly around level 1 or 2.
Let´s imagine a D&D skirmish warbands miniature game..for example orcs againts drows. Monsters can have got the same encounter level but different XPs value...For example a encounter in the forest with a patrol of goblins riding war dogs. The leader had got most XPs values and the wardogs mounts the less one. 

And enemies should have got XP value if he has got special adventages like a monster template or magic item... like fantasy wargames where points of army are spent to create regiments and champions (with magic item). If a barbarian half-ogre has got some magic tatoos with healer spells, the XP value should be higher because he is more powerful and dangerous that one without that extra "help".


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The lower levels are not about the exp, it's about the toughness, the chance to hit, how hard they hit, etc.

I'm sorry but you missed the point here.

Oh! But unless you thought that I meant the current level of the monsters that could be reduced? But this is not the case, I meant level -1 monsters, level 0, level 1, etc.
I could see monsters who aren't even up to level 1 par... who would be good for certain encounters. It would also be beneficial for giving the players the chance to get accustomed to encounters.
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I have actually suggested 0 HD Creatures before. I suggested that HP be 1/2 Con score + rolled HD. That way you could have 0 HD creatures (i.e. Minions) that would have ~3-4 HP. It would also give a survival boost to Lv 1 characters. Note: my suggestion also uses Packet 1's HP increase (roll HD and either use result or Con Mod +1) rather than adding Con Mod to each HD.
the problem of "goblins being too strong" isn't that they do to much damage, have too many hit points, too much AC, or anything like that.  They already have only 3 HP (too few for any character to hit and not kill), and do on average only 2.5 damage, and hit only 20-30% of the time, and are missed only 25-35% of the time.  The problem is the variability in their damage, such that a crit or even a max-damage hit can/could one-shot a wizard (somewhat of a reduced problem now that wizards of d6 HD, but a crit actually has a decent chance of one shotting a fighter).  This would not be substantially less of a problem if you subtracted one from their attack/AC/HP or even damage.  If they conistently did 3 damage instead of 0-5, there would be a lot less room for complaint even though it's actually doing more damage on average.  

And frankly, a rat shouldn't be a level zero monster either.  It shouldn't be a monster at all.  It should be literally incapable of hurting you except under extraordinary circumstances in which ordinary rules wouldn't apply anyway.  Otherwise, no matter how weak we make it, we're back to housecat vs. commoner territory.  Seriously, how does a rat touch a guy in full plate?  Anything weaker than a current playtest goblin has no business taking part in a fight against heroic characters.  Of course, if gobliins are made significantly stronger in the promised reboot, then maybe "level 0" monsters will become necessary.   But recall that the current playtest allows a wide range of XP values to fall within a given level of monster, so I would expect these "level 0" monsters to still be level one, just be worth 5 XP instead of 10 (for example).