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Would a 3/3 Centaur or 1/1 Soldier be affected by Muraganda Petroglyphs?
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As long as the tokens have no abilities, then yes, they will get the bonus.  From the Gatherer rulings:

Muraganda Petroglyphs gives a bonus only to creatures that have no rules text at all. This includes true vanilla creatures (such as Grizzly Bears), face-down creatures, many tokens, and creatures that have lost their abilities (due to Ovinize, for example). Any ability of any kind, whether or not the ability functions in the on the battlefield zone, including things like "Cycling {2}" means the creature doesn't get the bonus.


If the tokens do have abilities (usually determined by the spell/abiity that creates the token), then they wouldn't be affected by Muraganda Petroglyphs
Some examples of tokens with abilities:

A token created by Beckon Apparition wouldn't normally benefit. (It was created with the Flying ability.)

A token equiped by Accorder's Shield wouldn't normally benefit. (It is being granted the Vigilance ability.)
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