new Rogue approach from a vet player

Hi this is my first post on the site. I am a long time reader and player. I have played the boxed set of DND in the early 80's.  I still look fondly at the Black Box Masters Set weapon mastery tables and wonder why they ever disappeared. My group graduated to  ADnD(after unearthed arcana came out we thought the game couldnt get any better!!!!) and moved to 3.0 and 3.5 with much enthusiasm and dabbled in 4th(sorry I just found combat too long and watched roleplay suffer) and Essentials(loved the flavor of the Heroes of Shadow book which I have read over and over(I know the strikers are the worst in the game but they are SOOOOO full of awesome flavor). Life, wife and kids have made playing more challenging for my group but we still manage it once a month if we are lucky!..."window.parent.tinyMCE.get('post_content').onLoad.dispatch();" contenteditable="true" />
The rogue and assassin classes in all their incarnations over the years have had a special place in my heart...I loved the style of the Assassin Prestige class in 3.0 and 3.5 and the Shadowdancer...and always wondered why certain aspects of both of those  prestige classes couldnt find their way into the core rogue class namely Shadowjumping and death attack. Reading and testing dnd next has been great but i feel that copying the fighter maneuvers is just problematic from a thematic standpoint.  The fighter in Next is arguably the most fun version of the class I have ever played or read in DND(wizards has nailed it!!) Now the rogue throughout this playtest has had its ups and downs(the last playtest being a huge down!!) and received countless forum posts that keep discussing the same thing DAMAGE, with posters arguing about the pros and cons of sneak attack and extra attacks and DPR.  Why not remove the whole dmg discussion altogether and replace it with some amazing ideas from past editions namely ability score dmg. The rogue would deal say STR dmg like a Shadow from the monster manual 1d4 and rising as they leveled...It wouldnt matter if you used a two handed sword or dagger...Your weapon dmg would be insignificant compared to the crippling dmg of your well timed blade into a monsters spinal column! I have always loved the idea of tiny rogue with a dagger killing some hulking brute with enormous weapons and muscles because of his sneak attack!!! I really wish they would either go the death attack route of outright killing a mob after certain conditions have been met or crippling a monster to death in a few rounds of ability score dmg...

Now I know this is completely outside the realm of DPR and the way we have looked at this CORE class for decades but I think wizards has the tools already in place if they just looked at the right abilities and blended and modified them to fit this awesome class!! I don't want rehashed fighter maneuvers or plain scratch my head positional sneak attack as a bad fighter deadly strike...This class deserves so much more love and vision and the answers are there! 

Imagine the shadowdancers shadowjump ability(a few times a day or some other increase as you level) combined with a crippling strike ability dmg back stab( that completely eliminated the DPR discussion)??? That sounds like an insanely awesome ROGUE to me!  Let the fighter kill monsters it's unique fun way and let the rogue do what it does best...sneak in and one shot or cripple it's foes!  This class needs to be a blend of Erevis Cale, Gord the Rogue and Artemis Entreri(shadowjumping, thief acrobat, assassin!) and not a bad fighter subclass!

Anyway I hope there are others out there that share the same hopes and desires I have for this awesome class!
I agree that rogues are cool. And while they aren't my favorite class, they're pretty high up there. In my mind they don't do great damage (though as pointed out in other threads, they may be too low) on average, but once they set up their trap/sneak attack/backstab/bluff or what have you they usually win. This win takes a while to set up, and it doesn't always work, but when it does, it's epic.

I've never actually seen the rogue do that, but that's what I want from it. He's not a fighter, he's a rogue. He should do things a little differently, and to me that means he sets up a situation in which he does not lose.
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