Multiclass into a Psionic Class, what happens with Power Points?

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I am building a Level 11 Artificer for a paragon tier campaign, and multiclassed into Ardent, and took the Psionic Dabbler feat to exchange an encounter power for an Ardent augmentable At-Will, as well as gain 2 Power Points.  I also took the Awakened Visionary paragon path, which gave the Yawning Portals augmentable Encounter power, and two more Power Points.  None of the feats I've taken, however, granted the Psionic Augmentation class feature to my character. My questions are thus:

If I use any of the 4 Power Points my character has to augment an power and don't have the Psionic Augmentation class feature, are those points lost forever?  Based on the lack of information about it, I would assume that they are, but it's best to make sure.

Also, I'm assuming based on other things that I've read that the augmentable At-Will granted by the Psionic Dabbler feat is only usable once per encounter.  Is that correct?
1) No you should be able to use them just fine. Also Psionic Dabbler requires you to have taken a class specific multiclass feat for a class that has the Psionic Augmentation class feature already.

2) Yes y
ou can use that power once per encounter.

Prerequisite: 4th level. any class that doesn't have
the Psionic Augmentatlon class feature, any class specific
mulliclass feat for a class that has the Psionic
Augmentation class feature.
Benefit: You can swap one of your encounter
attack powers for an augmentable at-will attack
power of the same level or lower from the class you
multiclassed Into. You can use that power once per
encounter. You gain a number of power points based
on the level of the at-will attack power: level 1-10, 2
power points: Ievel 11·20, 4 power points: and level
21-30, 6 power point.
Is the Fervent Talent feat from PH3 errata'd to give the Psionic Augmentation class feature in the Essentials material? The version from PH3 doesn't.

How would the character regain used Power Points without the Psionic Augmentation class feature? I was under the impression that without it, Power Points wouldn't be regained, because nothing else does so.
It never got an update no.

By strict RAW the Ardent multiclass feat Fervent Talent (or any other Psionic class multiclass feats) doesn't give the Psionic Augmentation feature and its this feature that tells you how and when spent power points are regained. 

RAI its clear that power points given by game elements without the Psionic Augmentation feature allow you to regain them after a rest because at base power points are reneweable ressources, not consumable ones.
Okay.  It wasn't clear from any source material or other online posts whether power points would be regained without that class feature. That cleared up my issue, thanks!
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