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Here's the deal. there's this guy who plays in our casual group who is a total drag. Basically his deck building "strategy" is to find one very powerful creature card and stick enchantments onto it ad nauseum to break it. So he tends to make games boring. For example his green deck centers around breaking primordial hydra. Here is what he does:

Once he has a  hydra out (usually starting at 4/4) he usually starts with the armadillo cloak and lifelink enchaments so yes double life link. Add Asceticism, quest for renewal and bear umbra AND opalesence to make even asceticism hexproof, and you have a horribly huge hexproof double lifelink creature that tramples, needs to be killed twice, and untaps on everyones turn.

Now here is my deck as it is right now. 

14x Islands

6x Swamps

4x Tormented Soul

3x Delver of Secrets

2x Neurok Invisimancer

2x Augur of Bolas

2x Cancel
2x Dissipate
4x Mana Leak
4x Unsummon
3x Turn to Frog
4x Ponder
4x Tragic Slip
4x Doom Blade

The strategy i have with this is to counter his spells and kill his creatures while hitting him with unblockable, or at least hard to block creatures. If anyone has some advice on how to refine it so i can beat breaker boy i would be thankful.

Evacuation pretty much ruins him if you're looking for straight hate, returning the hydra to his hand and sending all auras to the gy.
It looks like you have the tools to beat him, just use your counterspells and removal wisely. When he casts an aura, get rid of his creature in response, and the aura is automatically countered.

You could use more damage though. Definitely add another Delver. Stealer of Secrets can be a consistent card draw engine, if you use your spells to get him through. Runechanter's Pike can equip to one of your guys and make it huge. I'd cut the Tormented Soul; it's unblockable, but it's tiny. You want more damage than that.
the problem here seems to be that his deck is geared for multiplayer and yours isnt.

tbh the deck you describe sounds like fun casual and quite the opposite of a douchy deck like delver-control ;)

1v1 you should be able to beat him with what you have if you play carefully, multiplayer JDviant's suggestion is solid
Enchantment Alteration or any of the green or white Tranquility variants should be fine.   Sweepers in general get around Asceticism.  

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Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. and raw sugar i dont see anything fun about breaking one fattie card but we each have our opinions.
Lifelink will not stack, so if he hits you with 4/4 with two lifelink enchantments, he doesnt gain 8 life.
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Lifelink will not stack, so if he hits you with 4/4 with two lifelink enchantments, he doesnt gain 8 life.

well it could be things which are similar to lifelink such as spirit loop.

As for tranquility variants here are some which I enjoy fracturing gust, planar cleansing, austere command. Obviously green has some nice options which are 3CMC or lower. If you're looking for an option and you're playing blue you could try nevinyrral's disk otherwise I think you're looking at splashing white or green to get this type of effect.

As far as getting around effects like bear umbra white also has the answer with path to exile types of spells. Black has sever the bloodline, sudden death and a couple other options but I like white's options better against those umbras.

Swap doom blade for terror if the regeneration is bothersome.
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His deck doesn't seem 'unfun' (in the 'hard to stop' sense which seems to be what you're implying), as looking at the cards you've mentioned:

Primordial Hydra - good card, for sure, but dies to pretty much any removal (that isn't based on damage like Lightning Bolt)
Armadillo Cloak - an aura that offers no protection, leaving the player susceptible to a 2-for-1
Lifelink - see above
Asceticism - alright, offering creatures hexproof and regen is certainly good, but it's expensive and not unstoppable
Quest For Renewal - gives his creature pseudo-vig; given that the main issue seems to be him killing y'all and not you killing him, seems a moot point
Bear Umbra - ok, actually offers protection from destruction and gets around what would usually be my first suggestion, Wrath of God/Damnation
Opalescence - while giving his enchantment hexproof may seem good, it also makes it susceptible to any creature removal that doesn't care about hexproof

So yeah, usually in the case of a hexproof creature I'd just suggest Wrath of God and co, but Bear Umbra means that won't always work. So your best options, IMO, are:

Hallowed Burial
Final Judgment
False Prophet
All is Dust

Of course, four out of five of those would mean you'd have to build a Wx deck. If you want to keep a UB deck of sorts, your options well be slightly less effective, because they'll either just bounce the creature, or require a large X value depending on the state of the Hydra.

Black Sun's Zenith/Mutilate

Of course, if he only tends to have the Hydra out, cards like Chainer's Edict would work well, and Consuming Vapors could be epic depending on the toughness of it at the time. Fleshbag Marauder is a pretty good choice for multiplayer as it makes everyone pay (good choice in power; potentially bad in politics).

Personally, if I was trying to hate out a hexproof creature with an umbra, I'd run a Wx deck (or just monowhite) with 4x Terminus and 4xHallowed Burial. Sweepers are also good cards (power wise) for multiplayer, so it's not like you'd be making a deck that could only win against the hydra deck.
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You are playing black, but only 4 pieces of removal. Get rid of turn to frog for more hard removal, Terror is fine, but you can also run sacrifice effects like Tribute to Hunger to completely blow him out. If you can, I would swap out about 2 spells for 2 Runechanter's Pike. It will let you kill your opponents with only one or two creatures, and do so quickly, all while rewarding you for playing smart.

You have so many ways to deal with the hydra, or any problem creature (8 coutners, 4 soft removal, 4 hard removal):

Doom blade or Unsummon in response to an aura (counters the aura either way).
Counter the creature or bothersome enchantments (asceticism).

I have a feeling that you tap out every turn to play creatures on turns that leave him open to cast all his stuff. You'd be better off spending the first 4 or so turns just playing lands and passing, and killing/countering anything that could be a problem. Only play creatures when you can do so AND pass the turn with enough mana to counter/kill anything he plays that could be an issue. If he is spending entire turns casting one creature or an enchantment on the creature, you have an opportunity to really set him back. If you are already countering things, make sure you are countering stuff that matters.

I don't mean to sound mean, but he's not breaking any cards. Nothing he's doing is particularly strong, or unanswerable. You are LETTING him do it. Everything he's doing is easily answered by cards in your deck. You may just need to alter the way you play against him. Play smart and you can dreamcrush him every time. Bonus points if you beat him to death with an Augur of Bolas while doing it.
Tell some one in your group who has a Red deck to start runing Aura Barbs.

But yeah, playing a bunch of buffs on 1 Guy is harly breaking a creature.  You just need to punish him for having few creatures.  You're in the 2 best colors to deal with this game plan.  Kill (or bounce) his creature in response to him casting an enchantment (and those proving why most competitive decks stay away from enchant - creature spells), or just counter his guy in the first place.

Look at your list, he shouldn't be giving you too many problems.  You just need to re-think how you're playing VS him.
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