D&D and the Holiday spirit

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving (for those that celebrate it here in the States, I don't assume that everyone on these forums live in the U.S.) I thought that a general thread could be made in the spirit of the holiday. So my question to everyone would be -

What is it about D&D that makes you thankful for its existence? It could be any reason. Maybe it changed your life at some point, maybe you met your spouse or maybe it helps bring your family together. Maybe it opened up your imagination and made you appreciate things a little differently.

So I will start out by saying for me that it keeps the memory of a very dear and lost friend alive to this day. It also allowed me to meet my wife (who plays in my games) as well as some of the best friends anyone could ever hope for. It has allowed me to discover that I have a side that is very good at telling stories and prompted me to start writing (and hopefully soon will get me published). So in a lot of ways, for me, D&D has been a big factor in my life and I am very thankful for that.   
Nice idea for a thread, Phantymwolf.  

I am thankful for D&D because some of the friends I made playing D&D over 30 years ago are still some of my best friends today (even if they live far away).     

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I happen to love threads like this...

I'm thankful to D&D for being the fulfillment of a childhood dream - from the first moment I played, I knew I wanted to work for the company that makes D&D.  And here I am.  :D 

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I think that we should go to Piazo Publishing, mooch off of all of their food, then give them all of our diseases and/or kill them, take over the company, and then say that we founded it. ^_^

No, but seriously, I'm thankful for D&D because it's such a fun hobby that made me more social in high school and that taught me so much about human interaction, history, and mythology. It's a fantastic creative outlet for me.

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Were it not for D&D I would not have:

My college degree: One of my principle introducers, guides, and best friends, was also the guy that got me through a number of my college courses.  I invited him over to help with my physics home work one time, he saw my dorm mates D&D books out on the table (I was just starting to learn them), and a friendship was born.  Up till the moment when he saw the books he was unsure as to what I was actually like.  I used to be a SHARP so easily confused with someone that might ot be all that nice.  Were it not for the game this dude likely would have dismissed me as unintelligent and tried his best to avoid me when I asked him physics questions repetitively.  But because of the game he had no problem helping out a friend.

The very affordable apartment I currently live in:  The apartment I currently live in was the place where I did a good half of my learning on how to play D&D.  Were it not for D&D I would not have ever met my future room mates, and land lord (seriously I have like one of the best land lords ever), and would likely not be able to afford a roof to go over my head. (this house has acted as a home for many of the players that run in my circles).

The job that sustains my life:  Thanks to D&D I kept in contact with some friends from college that would later net me the job I currently have and love.  Were I not a D&D player I likely would have fallen out of contact with these people and they would not have been there to catch me when I fell from my previous job (which I totally hated).

For at least half a year, when I could not find a job, I used DMing D&D as a form of entertaining in order to earn my self a place to sleep and eat on a regular basis.

Hell the only reason I am going to the next PAX east is because one of my fellow party members heared I wasn't gunna be able to swing it before the passes sold out, and grabbed me one before they ran out so I could pay him for it later.

Basically at this moment in time I owe a large portion of my current life to being a D&D player.  That is why for this year I am thankful for this amazing game.
I am thankful for D&D because its such a fun game and social gathering that we do among friends in the warmth of our homes or even with total strangers in public spaces or virtual environements just for the love of the game,

For the love of the game...  

(This and for the critical hits Wink)
I love this thread!

I'm thankful for the many years of cherished memories, escapist fantasies, and friendships forged along the way. -- Hey, I'm even thankful for all of you here in the forums.  


One of the things I love about D&D is getting me into knowledge/learning outside of "school".
I am thankful that it brings me and my friends together to craft stories.
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I'm thankful that give my nerotic tendencies an outlet...  Just kidding... 
I'm thankful that give my nerotic tendencies an outlet...  Just kidding... 

Yes, yes, the sphincter-puckering nature of this game is part of the glory.
I'm thankful for D&D for helping me to forge friendships I would have never had otherwise.
My two copper.
I'm thankful to D&D for:

  • The many friends that have been a result of D&D groups, friendships that seem to last even after the group disbands.

  • A source of knowledge and curiosity/thirst for additional knowledge that may not have been provided without D&D.

  • Many, many hours of fun, excitement, release and, sometimes, a diversion from the harder periods in life.

  • An expansive selection of reading material (one of my favorite pastimes).

  • An expanded vocabulary that has benefitted me, more times than I could count, in social circles (as well as crosswords - another favorite pastime).

  • Enhancing a rampant imagination and creativity, as well as being an outlet for the same

That's not an all inclusive list; but, it's time to go home...another thing to be thankful for!
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