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4 Goblin Arsonist
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Goblin Chieftan
4 Goblin Grenade
3 Goblin War Strike
3 Krenko Mob Boss
2 Goblin Lookout
2 Warren Instigator
2 Reckless One
2 Shrine Of Burning Rage
2 Goblin Recruiter
1 Goblin Ringleader
1 Empty The Warrens
1 Skirk Prospector
1 Arms Dealer
1 Ember Hauler
1 Siege-Gang Commander
1 Goblin Burrows
21 Mountain

I'm thinking of switching in Tuk-Tuk The Explorer (combined with goblin grenade), Skirk Prospector, maybe another Siege Gang Commander, and/or Arms Dealer, and I'm contemplating Flame Rift
I'm not sure whether to add more or take out Ember Hauler (I have 3 in my collection at the moment but only 1 in my deck)
Goblin Piledriver is too expensive, I usually prefer stuff under 5 bucks
With this deck I'm simply trying to pile on as much damage in as short a time as possible, goblins simply appeared to be the fastest way of doing so, so the deck doesn't have to be purely goblins, damage spells work too. This deck has had the most trouble with graveborn stuff and fighting off big creatures (specifically recovering after the other player uses Living Death or gets out Platinum Emperion.
For the first case, I think the only thing I can really do is leave some cards in my hand like Goblin Recruiter and Goblin Ringleader.
For the second case, is more damage spells (Flame Rift), and/or creatures like Arms Dealer or Siege-Gang Commander the way to go?
another potential direction is to add in 4 Flame Rift, and 2 more Shrine Of Burning Rage, and remove the more expensive goblins (except for krenko), shifting the focus more to the shrines and cheaper spells.

I think I should add more Goblin Ringleader to speed my deck up a lot., and more Goblin Recruiter as well.

What do you guys think?

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I think I should add more Goblin Ringleader to speed my deck up a lot., and more Goblin Recruiter as well.

What do you guys think?

This is what I was thinking. In addition you're missing some of the best goblins from the legacy deck. You mentioned goblin piledriver but how about goblin matron or goblin guide.
Don't be too smart to have fun
Blastphemous Act and Mogg Maniac are fun in a goblin deck.
another way to go would be to speed up your deck with cards like
shared animosity
goblin chieftain
goblin bushwhacker
goblin wardriver

hearth charm is nice tech with instigator and can kill that pesky emperor
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