How long D&D tools will be functional after D&D5 comes out ?

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My question is quite simple. How long the D&D tools will be functional when D&D 5 comes out ? 

Is WOTC going to propose us a way to download the all package ? (like the old version of char. builder and adventure tool) Or is it going to be online no matter how long we need it ? (as long as we pay for the subscription).

Thank you.


1. As long as it takes someone at WotC to decide that they are no longer needed or that it might even be considered a good idea to turn more players to DDN by deactivating them

2. Seriously doub that.  More likely when it's gone it's gone. We didn't pay to buy it, merely to rent it for a while (really I suspect that if they could delete downloaded articles from our storage devices they would do it)

I see, thank you for your point of view.
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