How Different Alignments See the Rules of D&D

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Lawful/Good: Some rules are beneficial, others are harmful. It is good we have rules, but the bad ones need to either be changed or replaced by something more helpful.

Lawful/Neutral: The rules are to be obeyed, end of discussion.

Lawful/Evil: The best rules are those which benefit me, other rules are a joke.

Neutral/Good: What matters is that all can participate, and that the rules don't stand in the way.

True Neutral: Some people need order, others can tolerate a little freedom. But balance is an important part.

Neutral/Evil: It doesn't benefit me and harm others it's no fun.

Chaotic Good: As long as people agree, and agree to work to the other's benefit, it's all good.

Chaotic/Neutral: Helpful, harmful, who cares as long as we all get to do what we wish.

Chaotic/Evil: What matters is me, and you'd better keep that in mind.
One dagger is a plot point. A thousand daggers is inventory. Thank you for disrailing this thread.
Take the title out of the picture and I think you have accurately portrayed the POV of rules and laws in general of the alignments.



Are you really "entitled to your opinion"?
RedSiegfried wrote:
The cool thing is, you don't even NEED a reason to say yes.  Just stop looking for a reason to say no.
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