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First does using a Foe Stone on a creature alert them to your presence?

Second can you forego your turn to go AFTER the creature you are fighting. I had a situation where I was right before the creature we were fighting and I had a status effect that ended at the end of their turn. Well they went right after me so it basically nullified by the time any of my compatriates were able to attack it. Can I just move my turn to past them?

third question, yes I know I lied ...

Is there a website that allows me to mark off my collection of mini's? I envision the site being sort of a catalog of mini's and you can create an account and mark off which ones you own and which ones you want etc... I know it isn't a rules question but if you guys can point me where to better post this question I would appreciate it.
It's a power, so it follows the normal power rules.

Yes, Delay is a valid action for you to take.  Your payment is losing the turn that you would have had going before them, to move it to after them.  What you've really done though, is forward up your next round's turn to this round.  You get the benefit you're looking for, but the payment is significant.

No idea.
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I figured it was like an insight/perception type check which doesn't alert anyone to anything. is that not the case?
Not strictly by the rules, no.  The power rules specify that the target of a power knows exactly everything that the power's done to it (but not who did it).

If you're looking for a power to compare it to that gets around this rule, Assassin's Shroud does.  And it specifically says the target is unaware of it being used on them.

That said, if I were DMing your game, I'd allow it.  Probably wouldn't make you make a check if you were being sufficiently stealthy.
D&D Next = D&D: Quantum Edition
Awesome thanks!
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