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Goodbye 4 Now, Baloden (Terry Halderman)


Are you trying to pump your Ledgewalker to try and push through? What are you trying to do here?
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ye  sry but this deck doesnt make sense^^

the lures are especially want to spend several cards and resources on killing opponents untapped creatures? why?

this deck will take way too long to kill opponent and run out of steam without much to show for it pretty fast.

similar decks play hexproof creatures with kickass enchantments, or infect/doublestrike creatures with instant buffs. But this deck wont work
I updated my first post.

Goodbye 4 Now, Baloden (Terry Halderman)


k so you went the enchantment route

i think you would find the deck works better if you go something like
12-16 creatures with hexproof
lots of enchantments (or ramp and somewhat more expensive enchantments)

hexproof creatures you can find easily on gatherer, for enchantments gigantiform and ancestral mask are both great, also rancor
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