Are Gates worth playing in fast aggro decks?

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Yesterday I had a very fast rakdos deck with 5 1-drops and 8 2-drops, so even though I managed to grab three Rakdos Guildgates I chose not to play them at risk of slowing me down too much.

A few games I admittedly did lose due to color screw, but there were also games where I knew if I had topdecked that gate over a regular land, I would have lost due to being a turn behind or not able to play that crucial spell.

I always figured gates are best for slower decks (or decks splashing a third or fourth color, naturally). Am I wrong?

Yes and no. It depends on your drops and mana spread. This forum would need a decklist to offer specific comments.

3 guildgates when you're not splashing is a little much, I'd say. But I'd still board two in; when adding land you want to count your mana sources.

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I've had bad luck with the Gates, so i don't use them in any 2 color deck, especially if i'm trying to aggro.  YMMV, but i always seem to draw them right when i need a 4th, 5th, or 6th land and i need it now, but they come in tapped and basically Time Walk myself.    
I think five one-drops (were they all creatures? If so, what creatures?) are enough that Gates become suboptimal, but I play them in almost all my Rakdos decks (even if I have a few one-drops).
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If the games you lost due to mana screw were more frequent then the ones you think you might have lost due to lands coming in tapped then I would say you should have run them... but I don't think I would have ran all 3 though
3 is probably too many, but like others have said, it really depends on what your curve is like.

I would have probably run two.  The way I figure it is that the only real time the gate hurts you is if it's your only land, and that's a hand you should mulligan any way.  Other than that, if you keep a 2-lander with a gate, it's very likely that you can go 1-drop into 1-drop plus gate easily, in which case the gate probabaly didn't slow you down.

There is no way I wouldn't have run at least one.
I have run two but not three. I think the only way I would do that is if I had a control deck with a splash off color? I just fear the opening draw where you inevitably draw all three as your mana sources.
Having the right colors to play your spells is pretty decent.
I think at most like 3, when you get more then like 4 you can really slow your tempo.
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