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I've been working on building this Bant Aggro/Mid Deck.  I played it at FNM last Friday and it did pretty well.  I did get steamrolled by a Rakdos deck, so I thought I'd throw some Azorius charms in the sideboard for the tempo swing.

Do you see any places this deck could be improved?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Just realized I forgot the deck tags so I put those in.
A couple things:

A couple things:

  • You do not really benefit that much from Invisible Stalker, as the deck lacks a means to buff him up.

Sort of agree - I  mean spectral flight or Rancor could put them on a clock, especially if you draw more than one of these early..but there is probably a much better suited creature/spell for the slot. 

Overall quite excellent suggestions from clutch

I play almost the same exact deck for fun at FNM when I'm not using U/W flash - except I have healers main, smiters board - and so far havent opted for the conclave/rootborn route. 

I am White/Green
I am White/Green
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The meta here is a little screwy, about the only control I see is Verdict as a board wipe.  Rootborn is there to help protect against that and to occasionally cheat a geist angel into play.

Right now I only have 1 Silverblade, but I am looking to put those in when I get them.  I got my 4 Azorius charms tonight to put in and played a RDW and pretty much stomped it because of the tempo swing that card provides with putting their creature on the top of their deck.  Also the Lifelink won me a game as well.

I'd really like some sort of fastish aggro/mid deck that can pump out the stuff quick and deal damage and can still win the long grindy games as well.  I tried to smash the aggro/mid together and take good elements from both of them.

Also right now I'm running 2 Detention spheres in place of the Selesnya charms.
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