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Just recently I ran across listings in the local community college brochure for classes on communication. How to be a more effective speaking, and how to better get information across, while making the experience a more dynamic one.

How many of you have thought about learning effective communication, to improve your games and your players' experiences in them?

I have met moderators who showed no real interesting in presenting an interesting game. Moderators more concerned with maintaining a level of propriety that ruins the experience for the players.

So who here thinks that an interesting session or adventure is worth the potential embarrassment? Who here thinks that it is his job to help the players entertain themselves, and not present the right and proper way to do things?

Are there communication classes where you live, and are you thinking about taking them?
One dagger is a plot point. A thousand daggers is inventory. Thank you for disrailing this thread.
Several years ago, when I went back to school to get a more career appropriate degree, because all of the classes had a presentation project for the "final exam" one of the classes I HAD to take was public speaking.  Interesting thing about the entire program was in my experience.

During that public speaking class, in my first attempt at public speaking, I wrote a script printed it out and read from it.  During the evaluation, my intructor told me that I did a good job except that I read from a script; she would have preferred that I do things more free-form so that I could answer questions more readily.  I then told her that the reason I fully prepared my speech was the fact that I am a stutterer and therefore in an effort to focus on how I was speaking rather than what I was saying, it was necessary for me to have my presentation as prepared as possible.  Her eyes widened and she said that she had no idea I was a stutterer and that while her suggestion stood, she did fully understand why I did what I did.

By the time, I had finished that course I was using an outline rather than a fully prepared speech.  Then throughout the program, I went from an outline, to a few notes, to fully free-form speaking.

The point is, that while a class can help, only by doing can you really improve.



Are you really "entitled to your opinion"?
RedSiegfried wrote:
The cool thing is, you don't even NEED a reason to say yes.  Just stop looking for a reason to say no.
I wouldn't suggest taking a communication class to become a better DM. It will help, yes, but what you get out of it isn't going to be worth what you put into it.


A communications class will very likely help you with your career, as well as all kinds of social situations. It will also help you become a better DM. It's something I would recommend for everyone, but the rewards go so far beyond "be a better gamer" that I consider that result ancillary at best.

If you're looking for something less expensive, see if there is a local Toastmasters group in your area.
Communication class is okay. Communcation degree is not. That is truth.
How many of you have thought about learning effective communication, to improve your games and your players' experiences in them?

I would not spend my hard-earned money on a class for the sole purpose of improving my DMing.  That said, improved communication is a skill that will generally help you in all your endeavors.
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