Magic weapons, keywords and damage types

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I'm completely new to D&D and although I've been able to absorb most of the different rules and errata from various different sources, there is still one question I am having trouble finding a definitive answer to.

What is the current official ruling on the effect of magical weapons of the keywords of a power? To give a specific example, if I am creating an Eladrin Wizard (Pyromancer), and I choose freezing burst, if I then use a flaming staff, can I add the fire keyword to the power to benefit from the Pyromancer damage boost?

I've found official errata that does have the effect of adding the keyword to the power, but then have seen discussion about other errata that says you can't but couldn't see a source anywhere. And also a lot of reference to it only affecting untyped damage - what is untyped damage?

And as a follow up, if the flaming staff does not do that, then what is the purpose? Just to avoid a resistance/immunity to a particular other type of damage?

Flaming Weapon was changed to only change untyped damage to Fire, but it wasn't errata'd, it was reprinted. New material > old material, as far as the rules go. Most people ignore that particular change though.
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