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Hi all,
SO, I wanna make up a casual, aggro black deck for my youngest son - who's very new to Magic.
He has black pet mice, so I thought a black mouse deck for Christmas could be cute.

He's not quite old enough for complex decks, so I thought a fun aggro black deck using a simple mechanic would be the way to go.
I'd like it fairly simple, to have a decent late game, and to be well-suited to either single-play or multiplayer. 

My first thought was a number of Rat cards that grow;
Pack RatRelentless RatsPestilence RatsPlague RatsSwarm of Rats seems like a good start.

Other's like Typhoid Rats, maybe Drainpipe Vermin for defence.
Swarmyard & lots of swamps. 
4-8 black removal spells, Doom Blade, Go for the Throat etc.

I'd like to keep the deck varied aswell, so no 28x Relentless Rats, anything that could be fun or double as a beater or utility.
I was thinking maybe Lab Rats (LOL - it's wheels!), Marrow-Gnawer, Ratcatcher, Ink-eyes, Okiba-Gang, Throat Slitter etc. as singles.

But what other strategy should I try to build into it other than weenie aggro?
Coat of Arms seems okay if I keep the mana-curve low and use Pack Rat to discard lands, but they're pricey!
..... I haven't really thought about splashing at this stage, but if I do it would probably be for something like Levitation....cos flying Rats just seems so funny right now.   Bloodbond March however could be fun.

So what else could I put in to get the deck really crankin', whilst keeping it simple?
Brass Herald is an inexpensive option for creature types without much tribal support. It can come down late, refill your hand and pump your guys.

Of the cards suggested, I'd say to avoid Relentless Rats outside the very-special Relentless Rats deck (I'm sure you can figure out how it works). The rest are good (bar Drainpipe Vermin because it's only good on defence if you tie down mana for it), and Marrow-Gnawer can give it some power. I'd probably include Nezumi Graverobber, because graveyard removal, recursion and stealing in a single package is pretty sweet. It's also a decent trick with Chittering Rats and a sacrifice outlet.

For multiplayer, it's worth steering clear of the one-use, single-target removal spells. It depends on the power level you want to achieve (for a kid, it's probably fine), but one of the key things in gearing a deck for multiplayer is to focus more on being able to take out multiple cards, either at once or over time.

Hope that helps!
Conspiracy could be good, unless you're playing against someone who has an Extinction.

I think I'll include Typhoid, Pack Rat, Swarm & Pestilence, together with as many other 1-drop rats as I can fit.
Bloodbond March should keep it interesting with Pack Rat, and some tutor to find them.  

There are quite a few tricks I could easily do with this deck, but the little tacker would struggle a bit if I go silly.... hmmm. 
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