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I played someone a little while ago who beat me on turn four with his $13 deck and was wondering if it would be worth putting in ageless entity if so how many.

his deck:

soul warden x4
essence warden x4
soul's attendant x4
ajani's pridemate x4
fists of ironwood x4
hyena umbra x4
survival cache x4
lone missionary x4
luminous wake x4

it's really amazing and if you have any suggestions please help 
I would try 1-2 at the most, at least at first. See how that runs and make changes once you know if it works for the deck
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Are you going to be playing that deck as well, or are you using something different? Seeing one card without context makes it difficult to evaluate.
luminous wake is bad.

the deck relies 100% on ajani's and has little evasion - maybe some unquestioned authority or a whisperssilk cloak - last one better.

id definitely find room for entity, makes the deck bit less 1 trick
serra ascendant fits strategy but breaks budget
divinity of pride same issue (surprisingly)

mirror entity or some mass boost makes better use of all those critters you're putting into play

the deck isnt that amazing it dies to pyroclasm and tribal will likely outdamage the healing. when it works and opponet doesnt have removal tho...:P
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