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So I will be running a playtest of the Isle of Dread adventure this weekend for my wife and daughters.  We are all fans of the TV show LOST so I was thinking of mixing it up a bit to throw some LOST easter eggs into the adventure.

First off, I am having the journal of "RB" that leads them to the Isle being the journal of a victim of a shipwreck from a vessel called "the Oceanic". I plan to turn the village of Tanaroa into the shipwreck of the survivors of the Oceanic, and base them mostly on the characters from LOST.  "RB" will, in fact, be the Jack Shepherd character, who will have been kidnapped by the "Others", who will be the pirates.

I would like to throw in other LOST references.  I don't want it to be precisely the same, as I dont want them metagaming.  I juts think this is a fun way to add some interesting personality to the NPCs  by basing them on characters from the show.  

So any other ideas for inserting LOST Easter Eggs into the series?  Should the Green Dragon be named "Smoky"?  Should the Koprus relics be based loosely on the DHARMA Initiative? 

All constructive ideas welcome.  (If you didn't like the show LOST and feel the need to express that distaste, or feel like just making smarmy or snide comments, please don't.)
Unearthed Wrecana
A gnome from a crashed hot air balloon. A mysterious hatch. A cave with the players names written on the walls, along with other dead NPCs whose names are crossed out. A Magic lighthouse. The remnants of a camp of wizards or archeologists who seem to have died off for mysterious reasons. An odd cabin surrounded by a circle of ash. Possibly containing some monster with the ash circle, possibly the cabin phases to different parts of the island. A monster (like polar bears) that feels really out of place for the setting.

D&D might make LOST better for some since they will except, "because magic" as an answer more readily

PS I miss watching and talking about this crazy show. For all it's flaws, it was amoment in time probably never to be repeated. 
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Those are great ideas, but I really just want to reflavor the existing Isle of Dread adventure with LOST-style flavor.  So the existing green dragon is named Smokey, and the abducted member of Tanaroa is based on Jack Shepherd, the existing pirates are based on the Others, and the existing lost aberrant civilization of the Koprus are based on DHARMA.  I should make one of the entrances to the dungeon a long hatch though!
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