My Cleric has low Wisdom, is it right?

This weekend I built a lifegiver cleric. His dominion doesn't give at-will magic attacks, his cures are not boosted by Wisdom in any way and he doesn't get extra spells/day for high Wisdom. So, for a healer, Wisdom is not worth to buy. Is my conclusion right? Is the system built in a way so a cleric doesn't need Wisdom?
It just doesn't seem right the fact that my Cleric has higher Strenght (for melee), Intelligence (for his Religion and Forbidden Lore Knowledge) and Charisma (for Persuasion and to avoid mind control) than Wisdom. Or perhaps I just should get used to it.
So, the system may be arranged so that not all (class)es have high (stat)?  More flexibility?

Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
I'm a fan of this, actually.
I too am a fan of this. suddenly the identity of "cleric" isn't so restricting.

Happy to be back on the best D&D forum on the internet!

Well Wisdom does still effect your Save DC for spells, so it does have a place.

But yeah I think it was intentional to remove ability dependency from class. In previous editions all mages at an 18+ Int and all clerics had a 18+ Wis , which gets kind of old.
Sounds like a bookish and naive, yet genuinely good person who revels in relieving the pain of those around him. He has worked hard to stay in shape to be a good role model on personal health and well-being in accordance with the Lifebringer's teachings.

Or something...

I dig the ability to be a not Wise cleric.   
I think the player is wise to have their character not be...

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