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I'm looking at Falkenrath Aristocrat for my BR Zombies Deck. I'm looking at the ability and I have a couple questions:

1.) It says "Sacrifice a Creature" does that mean it could be an opponents creature?
2.) It doesn't say "When this Creature enters the Battlefield" does that mean I can use this ability as many times as I like?

And if the above two are true, isn't this card wayy OP?


Falkenrath Aristocrat.

1) You can only sacrifice permanents you control. It's on the definition of 'sacrifice'.

701.14a. To sacrifice a permanent, its controller moves it from the battlefield directly to its owner's graveyard. A player can't sacrifice something that isn't a permanent, or something that's a permanent he or she doesn't control. Sacrificing a permanent doesn't destroy it, so regeneration or other effects that replace destruction can't affect this action.

2) Yes, it's an activated ability. You can activate it any time you have priority (like an instant), as many times per turn as you want (as long as you can pay the full cost each time).

1) You can't sacrifice an opponets creature.  It refers to a creature that you control.
2) As long as you have creatures to sacrifice, you can use the ability as many times as you want.

The card isn't overpowered.  I can Tragic Slip it away.
you can sacrifice creatures that your opponent owns by stealing them and then saccing them (though shifting them would work better)

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