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How does one sign up to be a Dungeon Master for Encounter or Lair Assault games.  I have a friend who has a store that is going to begin running these events and I want to DM for him, but I can't seem to find a way to get registered as a DM.  I don't think I even have a DCI number yet.  I need information on the whole sheebang!

Thanks in advance. 

Kalex the Omen 
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Concerning Player Rules Bias
Kalex_the_Omen wrote:
Gaining victory through rules bias is a hollow victory and they know it.
Concerning "Default" Rules
Kalex_the_Omen wrote:
The argument goes, that some idiot at the table might claim that because there is a "default" that is the only true way to play D&D. An idiotic misconception that should be quite easy to disprove just by reading the rules, coming to these forums, or sending a quick note off to Customer Support and sharing the inevitable response with the group. BTW, I'm not just talking about Next when I say this. Of course, D&D has always been this way since at least the late 70's when I began playing.