Offline monster builder?

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I'm looking for some piece of software that I can use offline to build 4e monsters. I don't need any of the existing monsters (ie. the WotC monster library) or even the monster building rules (I still have my books for that), I just need a tool that lets me easily enter info into fields, calculate numbers for me (for example average damage) and will print it out in a format that looks like a post-MM3 monster stat block.

FYI, I'm not getting rid of my DDI account (yet) but rather I'm going to a remote wilderness site for a while and will have no access to the internet. Making monsters is my hobby-within-the-hobby and I'd like to be able to crank out a bunch.

I know the old offline monster builder is out there somewhere in internet land, but towards the end it got so buggy that it was infuriating to use.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.