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When a cards says, "Copy target instant or sorcery spell you control." What does that include? Are enchantments encluded????
That includes cards that have either "Instant" or "Sorcery" on the type line (those words between the the art and the textbox).
Okay, just for clarification, are enchantments included?
No. They do not have a type of Sorcery or Instant, they have the type Enchantment. That is the type line he was talking about
Look at Honor of the Pure. Notice how directly below the artwork, on the type line, it tells you that it's card type is "Enchantment".

Now compare that to Lightning Bolt, which says "Instant" on it's type like, and Overrun which has "Sorcery" on it's type line.

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That makes no sense to me. If they spelled the ability out on the card in full then it would not be allowed in a mono-black Commander deck, but because they used a keyword to save space it is allowed? ~ Tim
Yup, just like you can have Birds of paradise in a mono green deck but not Noble Hierarch. YAY COLOR IDENTITY
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And no judge will ever give you a game loss for playing snow covered lands.
I now have a new goal in life. ;)
Okay, just for clarification, are enchantments included?

Card types are as follow:
- Land
- Creature
- Enchantment
- Artifact
- Planeswalker
- Tribal
- Instant
- Sorcery

Some card can have several types such as "artifact creature" or "tribal enchantment", but it is always indicated in the type line.
"Copy target instant or sorcery spell you control." really does mean a spell on the stack (either represented by a card or already a copy of a card/spell).

Also note that instant/sorcery are used to represent non-permanent cards while enchantment represents a kind of permanent card. Permanent means that once it resolves as a spell it enters the battlefield, instant/sorceries are not allowed to enter the battlefield, EVER. So it would be a bad idea to mix instants/sorceries with enchantments from that point of view.

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