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Legends & Lore 
Expertise Dice

By Mike Mearls

Expertise dice play a role in the fighter, rogue, and monk classes. Read an overview of what they do now and could potentially do in the future in D&D Next.

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This Week in D&D
D&D News 
2012 D&D Holiday Gift Guide

By D&D Team

‘Tis the season for giving—and getting—and we’ve got you covered either way. Click and print the 2012 Dungeons & Dragons Holiday Gift Guide. Packed like candied fruits in a fruit cake, the guide has everything naughty heroes and nice DMs are craving this holiday season. The guide serves as a convenient checklist to hand out to friends and family who might be shopping for your roleplaying game needs. So, in a way, by using the gift guide, you are giving folk something thoughtful—you're giving them a nicely formatted, appropriate-for-you shopping list!

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Epic Campain
War of Eternal Darkness
By Aaron Williams

Epic Campain is (usually, but not always) the tale of one Krozat the Mighty, as he strives for his place among the heroes of legend. The only problem is, he’s dead. Those who carry on his name (as well as carry around his bones) find their destinies entwined with his… even if he’s not fully around to appreciate it. As we move ahead to War of Eternal Darkness, the party has left the Underdark and returned to the surface world, with their latest exploits related by their friendly local bard (of dubious rhyming).

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