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Ok this is my G/W/B Human deck. i Have several win con in this deck first basic Human deck stragety is to pump up [C]Champion of the Parish[/C] by summoning other humans [C]Thraben Doomsayer[/C] and other low cost humans. Second is to summon [C]Ravenous Demon[/C] and sac humans Summoning my Large creatures is easy thanks to [C]Somberwald Sage[/C] i have summoned both [C]Desecration Demon[/C] and [C]Sublime Archangel[/C] on turn 3. [C]Thraben Doomsayer[/C] is a must as he is a token producer for Demon and Parish please tell me what you think. btw my side board may need help. Thanks!!!

Creature (30)

  • 4x [C]Avacyn's Pilgrim[/C]

  • 4x [C]Champion of the Parish[/C]

  • 3x [C]Desecration Demon[/C]

  • 3x [C]Ravenous Demon[/C] 

  • 4x [C]Silverblade Paladin[/C]

  • 3x [C]Somberwald Sage[/C]

  • 2x [C]Sublime Archangel[/C]

  • 3x [C]Thalia, Guardian of Thraben[/C]

  • 4x [C]Thraben Doomsayer[/C]

Instant (3)

  • 3x [C]Selesnya Charm[/C]

Land (22)

  • 3x [C]Cavern of Souls[/C]

  • 1x [C]Gavony Township[/C]

  • 4x [C]Isolated Chapel[/C]

  • 4x [C]Overgrown Tomb[/C]

  • 1x [C]Plains[/C]

  • 4x [C]Sunpetal Grove[/C]

  • 4x [C]Temple Garden[/C]

  • 1x [C]Vault of the Archangel[/C]

Enchantment (5)

  • 2x [C]Oblivion Ring[/C]

  • 3x [C]Rancor[/C]

Sideboard (13)

  • 2x [C]Pithing Needle[/C]

  • 2x [C]Sever the Bloodline[/C]

  • 2x [C]Deathrite Shaman[/C]

  • 2x [C]Golgari Charm[/C]

  • 2x [C]Rest in Peace[/C]

  • 3x [C]Sundering Growth[/C]

I like the build. However, instead of playing Desecration Demon I'd play Wolfir Silverheart. And since you're playing black, maybe some more removal... Tragic Slip or Ultimate Price.

Edit: I'm also not a big fan of the Somberwald Sage. If your trying to ramp just go ahead and add +4 Farseek.
Somberwald sage, ravenous demon, and vault aren't really that great.  Making those cuts will allow you to run a stabler g/w mana base.  Ravenous demon's cost is pretty prohibitive, and if they kill him, then you spent 2 cards for 1 of theirs.  Also, he's 5cmc, which is a lot for a 22 land deck.  Somberwald sage isn't really that good in aggressive decks, since most of your guys are so cheap.  Finally, vault is nice, but in a deck like yours with a bunch of tiny guys, township can do some serious work, and probably deserves the slots more.

Another note is that rancor is ridiculously powerful in these kinds of decks.  It should be a 4 of. 

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i would like to keep the [C]Ravenous Demon[/C] i know he is not a great card but i should like to keep.
I agree with the other posts, going to three colors is unnecessary. G/W is the best combination for humans I think. Mayor of Avabruck is great as he pumps your guys, and I've used Deranged Outcast along with Champion of Lambholt to good effect, making their creatures unable to block any of mine. Ajani would do well also in a deck like this.

Maybe someone can comment on this: Descendants Path in a deck with 26+ humans. It seems like you could get a lot of guys out fast, as well as feed Parish or Lambholt. Just an idea. Oh, and use Rootborn Defenses to protect against a board wipe
It's not that bad...
It's not that bad...

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