Help with this stupid deck (staying stupid is a must)

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4 Reliquary Tower
4 Crumbling Necropolis
4 Hall of the Bandit Lord
4 Mountain 
14 Island
14 Swamp

4 Thought Gorger

4 Bituminous Blast
4 Treasure Hunt 

As I said, stupid. I would just like to get one fluke vicotry from this sometime. Wondering if there's a way to imporve this without, you know, imporiving it.
this reminds me of a commander deck that looked something like this:

maelstrom wanderer

seismic assault
treasure hunt
reliquary tower
34x mountain
30x forest
32x island

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56778328 wrote:
Why did you post it here? "Hey, all you guys who play this game! I'm not gonna play it!" "Umm... Ok, dude."
I would actually try to replace bit blast with a 3 cmc cascade spell. Hitting treasure hunt is more important than hitting thought gorger. Also, I would reduce thought gouger to 1 or 2 copies, just so you have a better chance of digigng up a lot of goodies with treasure hunt.
Am I on crack, or is that only 56 cards? 4 MOAR Mountains!
I might have miscounted, leading to the lack of mountains. So Demonic Dread instead? I could swing that.
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