New artist to the D&D community: Tips?

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Okay, not gonna lie, I'm pretty new to D&D but my buddy's dad has a small company that needs an artist for a magazine as well as a book/manual and if he finds my work is good enough, I can do it all. My problem? I know almost nothing about the monsters of the game. I was hoping to get some tips from players to refine how I draw different beasts/monsters/creatures/etc. Once I have a few tips I can upload the work I have so far to deviantArt and get further critique from there.

Help a girl out? 
what specifically do you need?  I would recommend getting your hands on copies of the Monsters Manual 1, Monster Manual 2 and Monster Manual 3.

If you just want tips I can help a bit.  I'm not an artist myself, but I've commissioned a good bit of work in the past so I know how to give good critiques of artwork to get it to fit the mold you are looking for.  Send me a PM with anything else or just post back on here. 
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