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Had a question that was difficult for me to search, so i thought i'd explain the situation on here and hopefully get a legal resolve. 

-I have Guttersnipe in play (Whenever i cast inst/sorcery, deal 2 dmg to each opponent)
-and i want to sacrifice it(guttersnipe) to bring out Goblin Grenade (add cost: Sac Goblin. Deal 5 dmg to creature or player)

Can i play Goblin Grenade while triggering Guttersnipe's ability?

Im hoping for yes, but i wasn't sure since inorder to cast goblin grenade, guttersnipe has to be sacrificed. but idk if both those effects would go on some imaginary stack or since its being spent on a sorcery being casted it'll trigger...

No, Guttersnipe's ability will not trigger.

A spell is only considered to be cast after you put it on the stack, choose targets and pay its costs. So first Guttersnipe is sacrificed, then Goblin Granade is considered cast and you check if any ability triggers - Guttersnipe is already on the graveyard and won't trigger.

Thank you so much. Ill definitely keep that in mind for future duels.
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