Athasian Primordial, creator of most reptiles

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The new 4e material mentions two primordials - the hydra-like Herumar and the silt horror-like Ul-Athra - yet another primordial is described, not sure if it is in the Dark Sun Campaign Setting or one of the DDI articles. It describes it as creator of most reptiles, it is an unbound primordial, and has the appearance of a mile-long serpent a few feet wide.

Anyone remember the name and source?

(I get this feeling I discussed this earlier, but can't find the thread.)
Pretty sure two of them (not Ul-Athra but maybe Herumar +1 other) were in Heroes of Elemental Chaos? Or newest Monster Manual.

Hope I'm right.
It's not in Heroes of the Elemental Chaos. So it is in one of the books, adventures, or DDI articles. Hence the need for help.
It's not in my adventures (Beneath the Dust and The Isle of Death). I don't remember reading it in the 4e campaign guide either but it certainly could be hidden away somewhere in there. Good luck hunting.
My Dark Sun adventures published in Dungeon magazine.
The only thing I could turn up was the Dungeon article 'Lords of Chaos' from volume 199, and covers Yan-C-bin and Olhydra, neither of which seem to have been what you were referring to, sorry.
Because I also had a vague memory of this I was curious so I did a quick search for "primordial" in all the Eye on Dark Sun .pdfs. Nothing there about the reptile primordial.
My Dark Sun adventures published in Dungeon magazine.
I'm going crazy! 
If there is no available information, why not craft it yourself?  Adding your own lore to a home game can be a rewarding and fun experience.  Heck, *most* players wouldn't know.  Personally, I stick to 2e lore with some homebrew fluff to texture it a bit more...  But, to each their own.

An undead spectre occasionally returning to remind the fandom of its grim existence.



Some good pointers for the fellow hobbyist!:

I do not recall the entity having a name, though. That could be homebrew.
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