Can an animated Inkmoth Nexus tap for mana?

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I have a ornithopter tapped and attacking.
He has a blinkmoth nexus, an inkmoth nexus, and a forest.

He taps the forest to animate inkmoth, declares a block, then taps inkmoth for mana to activate blinkmoth to give inkmoth a +1/+1.

can he do this?

Yes, he can.  Inkmoth Nexus is still a land in addition to being a creature (says so on the card) and still has it's mana ability, which can be used to pay for Blinkmoth Nexus' third ability.

Yes, they can do that. Turning the Nexus into a creature does not cause it to lose any abilities, so it will still be able to tap for mana once it's animated.

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Provided that it doesn't have summoning sickness

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Good point.

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