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Godo, Bandit Warlord says you get an extra combat after the first time he attacks each turn.  Is it possible to use some kind of flicker effect after to make him a "new" Godo, making the second combat the "first" for him again?  This is also assuming some form haste so he doesn't have summoning sickness when he flickers back into play.
Yes, that is possible. Making Godo change zones makes him a new object with no relation to his former self. The new Godo would attack "for the first time", provided you give him haste.

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Yes that works, Godo has a triggered ability that triggers when he attacks for the first time.  If you flicker the Godo then it would return as a new object with no memory of its previous existance.  So when it attacks it will be the first time that one attacked and add another combat phase after the current one.

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