Dexterous Disarm & Trip

There was a finesse fighter in my playtest. An elf with a rapier.
One of the things we noticed was that all the non-attack actions were Str vs Str or Dex. Since his Str was low he never wanted to do any so just kept spamming his attack w/ Deadly Strike. 

Should those kind of attack alternatives allow Dex? It's trickier to imagine tying them to a feat, as there'd be no real advantage. 

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Well, figure if skill checks use different abilities based on the player's description maybe it would make sense to get a better description for an idea of how a character would use Dexterity to disarm or trip someone.  I probably wouldn't bend too far on this one though.  You can knock someone's sword out of their hand with a rapier in a tense duel.  You cannot knock a greataxe away from a rampaging orc with the same technique.  Dexterity shouldn't be a code word for wiry strength.  Most of the time, doing these things should require strength.  Maybe Dexterity would impose disadvantage.

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I can see disarming with Dex while unarmed, using martial arts to do it, but not with a finnesse weapon like a rapier, it's simply not designed to disarm. However there could be a "disarm" descriptor on certain weapons, even some finnesse weapons, which makes it suitable for a disarm attempt with either stat, and all other weapons would impose disadvantage if you use Dex.
The thing about disarming a weapon in real life, is that there are multiple ways to do so.
You can disarm someone by overpowering them and ripping the weapon from thier grasp.
The other method is to use skill and dexterity to redirect an opponents weapon such that they loose thier grip.
This is possible using many weapons, and is the basis of disarming an opponent in a sword duel.
Most real life disarming manuevers actually use skill and dexterity against the natural limits of the human body.
Disarming a person in a sword duel with pure strength is difficult, though you can knock the sword off position. That said, disarming someone using a reverse grip with a bit of strength is fairly easy, which is also why it is ill-advised.
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