Class Features vs Expertise

I believe in Class Features, unique abilities for diferent classes. Expertise dice just aren't interesting enough for me and they're so fundamentally different, you can't just plug in a module to swap expertise out. So, I'm making my own Classes entirely. It's a WIP, but if you have any opnions, you're certainly welcome to express them.

Class Features vs Expertise.
Just made a thread on this same topic.

This may be one of those thing Mr. Crawford said when you push too far.

Expertise Dice are not a one size fits all to nonmagic. The size of dice can give bonuses too large. And the number of dice, make high bonuses too reliable. There are too many unintended consequences when ED are applied as certain bonuses.

And there is not enough leeway to create enough "familiar" situations.

Orzel, Halfelven son of Zel, Mystic Ranger, Bane to Dragons, Death to Undeath, Killer of Abyssals, King of the Wilds. Constitution Based Class for Next!

Unique Class Features that provide interesting ways for each Expertise Dice-using class to interact with the Maneuvers list.

Danny interact with the Maneuvers list and feats from Themes.

Oh, and prerequisites are dead.

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