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I was playing a 2-headed giant game with my friends, when my teammate and I decided to play slivers for the synergy. We play casual format. There was only one problem. He stated that between the two of us, we could not have more than 4 of any one card in 2-headed giant. Is this true? I have never heard of this rule before, so I did not know if he was correct or not.
That's correct, the 4-of limit aplies to the team in THG tournaments. In Casual, you're free to ignore this, though.

From the tournament rules:

8.4 Unified Deck Construction Rules
Team Constructed tournaments use Unified Deck Construction rules: With the exception of cards with the basic supertype or cards with text that specifies otherwise, a team’s combined decks may not contain more than four of any individual card, based on its English card title. (For example, if one player is using four copies of Naturalize in a Team Constructed tournament, no other player on that team may have a Naturalize in his or her deck.) If a card is restricted in a particular format, no more than one of that card may be used by the team. No players may use cards that are banned in a particular format.
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How was my question off-topic?
Your question wasn't. However, there was an off-topic comment that has since been deleted.
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