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I am new to MTG. i chose to play standard due to the restriction on usable cards. i have what i think is a significant amount of cards, but i dont know how to use them together. i feel i lack certain moves during battle, like being able to search for a specific card in my library and put it in my hand. i also notice alot of self-milling to produce a visible "graveyard library" in which to resurect important cards. 

ultimatly i want to build a red, green and black deck for the current standart play. 

any advice would be awesome, and if you would like to know what decks i already have or what cards i have at my disposal i will begin logging them into a site more convienent for the job and provide a url.


In particular i need help to trim this deck:


14   Plains
2   Dragonskull Summit
2   Mountain
1   Cathedral of War
1   Cavern of Souls
4   Evolving Wilds
2   Rakdos Guildgate

26   Lands


0   Sideboard Cards


1   Odric, Master Tactician
1   Niblis of the Mist
1   Crusader of Odric
2   Chronomaton
4   Attended Knight
1   Stuffy Doll
1   Cathedral Sanctifier 
1   Captain of the Watch
1   Goldnight Redeemer 
1   Voice of the Provinces
1   Cryptborn Horror
1   Chapel Geist
1   Guardian Lions
2   Healer of the Pride 
1   Elguad Inquisitor

20   Creatures

Other Spells:

2   Ghostly Possession
1   Lingering Souls
1   Gather the Townsfolk
2   Pacifism
1   Urgent Exorcism
4   Captain's Call
1   Angelic Benediction
1   Fervor
1   Midnight Haunting
1   Intangible Virtue
2   Erase
1   Cloudshift
1   Cobbled Wings
1   Ring of Thune

20   Other Spells


i know its too much, but i dont know what worth keeping
let's go to deckbuilding basics:
pick 9 cards
put 4 copies of those 9 cards into the deck and add 24 lands

that way it is much more consistent than your current almost singleton deck
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easy enough, ill rebuild it like that and try it out. ill always have this page to refer to if i need to go back to square one
Also something i learned when i went to a tournment at my local hobby shop

Mana curve is important when deckbuilding. When picking out your four cards of what your want, it wouldn't be wised to pick out all creatures who are 4 mana+ . Unless your game plan is a heavy control set in which you try to fend off your opponent with detention sphere like spells and build up your mana to summon up a big creature. When you lay out your cards from lowest mana costing card to highest costing mana card it should form a nice bellcurve
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