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I am in a game fighting a Massive Gelatinous Cube.
I have been Engulfed by it.
And I have the skill Hammerhands, am I able to push the Cube away from me and get out of it?
Yes the grab will end since the push will make you end outside the range of the Engulf power effect.

RC 231 Grabbed: This condition ends immediately on the creature if the grabber is subjected to an effect that prevents it from taking actions, or if the creature ends up outside the range of the grabbing power or effect.

Note that uyou have to push it out of reach, though - just getting outside its space doesn't help, you need to get right outside its reach.
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Pushing the cube that you're inside doesn't increase the relative distance:

"When the cube moves, it pulls with it any creature grabbed by it, and the creature remains grabbed and within the cube’s space. "

Whether the movement is voluntary or forced does not matter.
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Yup this would be true if he would have been grabbed by a Gelatinous cube, but he said he was grabbed by a Massive Gelatnous Cube and its Engulf power doesn't say that. It only say the cube can move normally while creatures are engulfed within it.

thespaceinvader brings a good point, while the range of Engulf is not explicitly written its clear it can grab into adjacent squares and so it could mean you and the Cube need to be seperated by a greater distance to end the grab.

 Engulf (standard, at-will)  Acid
Target one or two Medium or smaller adjacent creatures; +11 vs Reflex; (automatically hits an immobilized creature)the target is grabbed, pulled into the cube’s space, dazed, and takes ongoing 11 acid damage until the grab ends. When the grab ends, the creature that was grabbed shifts to a square of its choosing adjacent to the cube. The cube can move normally while creatures are engulfed within it.

That's...incredibly bad writing of the Massive cube's power.  Hell, the way it's written, the cube could move and it wouldn't carry people with it. 

I'm sorry, but I would never actually run that monster the way the power describes.  Nobody should.
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Thanks guys, saved us a large headache of trying to figure out yes or no next session.
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