Hill Dwarves

 I have a player who is playing a hill dwarf figher with a 16 CON.
Fighters have a d10 Hit Die. Hill dwarf changes this to d12.
So at level 1, this puts their hps at 15 (12+3).

However, the second sentence says hill dwarves gain 1hp at level 1.
So their hps are 16.

However, one DM had the statement that the second sentence is really a replacement of the first. Meaning that the Fighter would have 10+3+1  or 14 hps. 

This 2 hp swing is no big deal but I'd like to see what the intention is/was.

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So 14 hps seems to be the answer. Looking at the pregen, for the dwarven fighter, it lists their HD as 1d12, Con as 14 (+2), class as Fighter (10) and hps as 13 (class (10) + con (2) + hill dwwarf (1))

I guess the 1d12 isn't 'maxed.'
Currently running a playtest, weekly, online D&D Next Session using a virtual table system called roll20.
I believe the DM had it right: 10+3+1 at 1st level, then d12 (or 7) +3 thereafter.
To me Hill Dwarf changes the Die to D12. That Die is then maxxed. Then you add Con. Then add the +1 Hp. There is no way I would ever punish a player over such a miniscule thing as 2 HP. This is the basest form of Rules Lawyering and if a player did it to the GM then the GM would likely punish the player in some way. So if you want to know the fastest way to lose the trust of your players then by all means take away their 2 measly hit points.
it's an important distinction (in this case at least) that in 5e when you level up you don't just roll a hit die, hit dice and HP gains are technically seperated now.  Even though yes it is true that they are the same sized die normally!.  But the hit dice is simply the dice you can roll for short rests and is seperate from the HP you gain on level up.

That said, increasing the die size of your hit dice doesn't automatically increase the hit points gained per level, which i admit goes against a player's gut feeling.

Basically at 1st level as a hill dwarf fighter you get 1d10+con+1, the one being the racial bonus.  your hit die to use on rests is a 1d12.
when you reach 2nd level you will now have a choice to either roll 1d12+con OR roll 1d10+con+1 again.

the way it's worded for some reason it forces you to use the +1 instead of 1d12 at first level, who knows why.

as a DM, i'd just let the player pick at 1st level the same way it says they can pick at level up. 
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