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I was looking at this card and wondering how best to use it. Using good library selection and top-deck tutors I figured that there should be something that we could do with it. I had a look at modern, but it didn't quite have the selection of cards we're looking for with it. Legacy just about does.

So to start, a decklist: 

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn x2
Pathrazer of Ulamog x1
Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre x1
Nest Invader x4
Birds of Paradise x4

Sensei's Divining Top x3

Descendant's Path x4

Congregation at Dawn x2
Enlightened Tutor x4
Spawning Breath x4
Worldly Tutor x4

Brood Birthing x2
Sylvan Tutor x3

Savannah x4
Taiga x4
Windswept Heath x4
Wooded Foothills x4
Forest x3
Plains x2
Mountain x2

A turn 1 Top or Bop would a pretty much perfect set up for this deck. a Bop allows the God hand of T2 path, T3 Spawning Breath into Worldly Tutor with the Descendant's Path trigger on the stack. Congregation at Dawn is a little more spendy but works nicely as a double tutor, setting up potential stacks of Nest Invader, Emrakul, Ulamog being night on unbeatable with and active Path. If you already have an Eldrazi, then just getting Emmy and Uli on top can cause some problems.

The Pathrazer of Ulamog is in there for decks with Karakas. Seeing as it is now getting much more main deck play than it used to, being pre-boarded against this card is always a good thing. Obviously, if your opponent with Karakas is all tapped out and has 6 or fewer permanents in play, then tutoring for Emrakul (always the go to guy) is the best plan.

The most awkward card in the deck is probably the Sylvan tutor. Despite it being only a 1 mana tutor, the sorcery speed is a BIIIG drawback and can give away a lot of information (as well as actual speed sometimes seeing as you're unable to cast it in your own upkeep in response to the trigger).

The deck also lacks removal options. It it pretty much a balls-to-the-wall combo deck, with no real backup plan (swinging with Nest invader is about as good as it gets!) and lacks any real disruption. Possible cuts to add disruption include Bops, Sylvan Tutors, possibly Brood Birthing.

Any input to this deck would be gratefully received. I know that this is not gonna be a tier 1 deck to competewith the likes of stoneblade, storm etc, but it will hopefully do well at some little local tournaments. Thanks in advance!
I'm not sure about this combo, just because it involves 3 cards (path, token maker, topdeck tutor).  I mean, with so many 2 card comboes available, why would you go with this one?

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From testing so far it seems to be ok, I guess the sheer volumes of tutors, tops and redundant eldrazi all help keep it consistent. I know its not the best combo out there, and that there are better combos out there, I just wanted to give this idea a whirl.
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