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Is there an old card with a different name that is like jace's erasure where it makes target player mill one when you draw a card?
Another card such as this doesn't seem to exist (I searched gatherer a bit). The closest I have found are Shared Fate and as a repeatable "draw and mill 1" Jace, Memory Adept. There are several draw and mill instants and sorceries, though, like Thought Scour.
thank you for the reference to shared fate, I will definetly look for that card now. I know mind sculpt mills 7 for one mana, what are some other good ones like tome scour which mills 5 for one mana?
The only problem with shriekhorn is that it takes 3 turns to do and only mills 2 each turn, but it's still a good "quick mill" card for a one on one mill game. Any others? Thank you all for the suggestions since my mill deck kinda sucks right now.
Glimpse the Unthinkable
Memory Sluice

But repeatable mill is better
Hedron Crab
Sands of Delirium
Stern Mentor

Or you use the really big stuff
Tunnel Vision

Psychic Spiral can reload your library with milling cards while also milling your opponent

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Some very good cards from rezzahan, Wahooney, and Maraxas-of-Keld, only Maraxas, I already have 4 of those in my mill deck so I already knew about him, but all the others are new to me (the big stuff that costs 5 or 6 mana is too much for me, too hard to get out and not worth it in the end when you can quick drop them faster)
Mill works best, by the way, if you either turn it into a trigger or for reanimator.

I like Geth, Lord of the Vault because he can mill my opponent and reanimate and steal one of my opponent's guys at the same time.

Oh, Mindcrank's really good mill. You can also use Crumbling Sanctuary, but it just exiles stuff and isn't as overall useful as Crank. (The Sanctuary is a good infect hoser if you have some way to cheat it out, though.)
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In my experience Mesmeric Orb is a card that singlehandedly makes mill playable.
Don't forget Increasing Confusion Pretty strong, but stronger the second time around I like it anyways helped me win with turbo fog in standard for a bit.

Ambassador Laquatus Good for end of turn mill when your holding mana on for a counterspell. 

Archive Trap Good for mana and can be played for free under circumstances

Brain Freeze Storm can make this card do crazy things in multiplayer formats, or just wonderful things if you have enough low mana cost spells.

Drowner InitiateGood low cost mill and incredibly good paired with jaces erasure when casting things like Brainstorm or other card advantage spells. So much mill so quickly

Induce Paranoia (depending on what it counters) 

Jace, Memory Adept Very pro mill planeswalker

Memory Erosion Passive mill triggered by your opponent

Oona, Queen of the Fae Exile style and creates bodies to block with.

Sanity Grinding Has great potential but very deck dependent

Scalpelexis Much like szadek, but he exiles and with the right luck he can be a beast, especially against mono colored decks (basic lands)

Szadek, Lord of Secrets Snowball mill he'll keep beating and milling faster and harder in the right environments he needs a good home.

Traumatize Strongest mill card in the buisness as long as your opponent still has some sort of library left, earlier the better.

Vision Charm A versatile card, mostly good in multicolored mill decks with troubled mana bases.
I've always had a soft spot for Mind Funeral. You ocasionally get unlucky, but it also has inevitability working in its favor. Especially when I Twincast it :33.
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Hi everyone,I have two questions. 1. If my opponent already controlled a planewalker , then he cast avacyn,angle of hope ,and resolved on battlefield.Now his planewalker in indestructible right?
[c]Avacyn, Angel of Hope[/c] -> Avacyn, Angel of Hope
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