Explain to me the point of the Spirit talker feat?

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I mean besides multiclassing as a shaman. I'm playing a ghostwalker CB monk and it has been really intergrated into my story that I now speak with and control spirits. So I thought it would be cool to be able to find something that gave me the ability to summon one (or something that I can re fluff as one.) When I came across this feat. I thought it was everything I could hope for until I realized that outside of my spirit encounter power for oppertunity attack I really can't think of any use for it. It would be perfect because I also have great defences, but No one would have reason to attack it. Am I missing something? Or should I continue looking for a cool way to summon my spirits from beyond?
High Defenses is a good thing, because it means enemies are more likely to walk away from it, thus triggering the attack. Spending a feat to gain an extra attack per encounter is very powerful, if MC Shaman weren't otherwise so terrible for Strikers, I'm sure more people would do it.

I'd just describe your attacks in a manner that involves the spirits, as you attack they harry your foes, pushing, distracting, tripping, restraining, etc.
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Refluffing the Fey Beast Tamer feat is another way to go, and provides a moveable aura of CA for you and your allies. 

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This is CharOp. We not only assume block-of-tofu monsters, but also block-of-tofu DMs.

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You're already refluffing, why not refluff to something that doesn't suck?
Remember, conjurations don't have to be on the ground. Make sure that when you summon it, you summon it 1 square up way before combats, then have it move above a melee only target who isn't next to anyone. As you're a Monk, this shouldn't be that uncommon given you go first and want to move.

Now that melee enemy has a problem as long as you can persuade the other party members not to go near it...
It also lets you qualify for the Mending Spirit feat.
It's also worth noting that sometimes just filling up an extra square on the board is helpful.
Eagle Shama MC can be a semi-reliable 1/enc RBA grant
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Eagle Shama MC can be a semi-reliable 1/enc RBA grant

what is the feat for that?
While you guys are giving me ideas, Can you think of any good refluff reason for what I could change into if I take the werewolf theme. Once again I am a drunken old monk that communicates and talks with ghost. I call my fighting style Drunken wraith style, Just think of drunken boxing using ghosts. I know this would be a good theme as with the claw gloves it would give me a d10 to my FOB but I can't think of a good thing to say I turn into.... A reaper maybe? Or maybe I begin to look like some kind of wraith? If anyone has a better idea for a refluff of this theme or a better them in general I'm all ears. My current theme is Harper agent. Also still on the fence about the spirit talker feat but thanks for the responses and info.
You can change very little or not at all if you like.  Maybe your eyes begin to glow or something.  But the real change is the storm of spirits swirling around you, clawing at your enemies for the d10 extra damage from claw gloves. Just say whatever seems cool to you.
what is the feat for that?

There isn't a seperate feat for that.  You pick eagle shaman when you pick what spirit companion option you want when you take the Spirit Walker feat.  Their opportunity action is spirit's prey and it grants RBAs.

Eagle is also the best default option if your PC doesn't have an implement or a high wisdom, assuming at least one ally has an RBA.

I mean besides multiclassing as a shaman ...

Yeah, to get you to check out Ettin entry in the Monster Manual.
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