Why do the Daelkyr look humanoid?

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Doesn't really make sense if they are supposed to be the rulers of Xoriat shouldn't they look more alien?
Why, indeed? I like to think that maybe humans are the result of some of the earliest Daelkyr magical genetic experiments, and we look so similar to them because they were trying to replicate themselves. Wasn't there something about the Goblins being disturbed when they first encoutered humans after the Daelkyr invasion because of our resemblance to their recent enemy?
Call me Ender.
While coming up with a cool explenation, or wondering about it, is certainly fun (and having humans being first experiments from Delkyr is somewhat fun, humans being natural creatures seems to contradict that), there could be simple other explenations. Beyond size humans look hardly more similar to delkyr than eladrin, elves, halflings or even the more humanoid looking giants (such as the 3e titans) are similar to delkyr. It seems to be a rather common design in Eberron ;) You are also assuming that they looked the same when facing the goblins and that they did not simply adopt the form of humans once those early settlers arrived and replaced the goblins. Or maybe, they look different to each onlooker, looking like what is somewhat expected but twisted for maximum effect they now look human since that race is the most common. Or maybe there is a weird connection with Xoriat, it being influenced just the plane of dreams of Thelanis is influenced by Eberron but through creaitivity and madness of those on Eberron. Since humans and elves are now the most dominant race on Eberron, delkyr now look like humans.
I would imagine the Daelkyr look Human -because- they're the master's of the Realm of Madness. Humans are clearly the most mentally unstable race.

Or they seeded Eberron with Humans to begin with. 

Or it's because Humans are (Currently) the dominant species, and time in Xoriat is screwed up.

Perhaps the Daelkyr are born from the maddest and most creative among Humanity?

It could easily be all of the above. 
While coming up with a cool explenation, or wondering about it, is certainly fun (and having humans being first experiments from Delkyr is somewhat fun, humans being natural creatures seems to contradict that) .

Orlassk and Kyrzin were both creators of creatures who weren't technically aberrant (medusa and ooze, respectfully), but were still different enough from other life forms that they match what a warped mind could produce. 

I'd say that a human's ability to interbreed with elves and orcs (amongst other things) is a good sign that an aberrant mind made humanity.   

"Ah, the age-old conundrum. Defenders of a game are too blind to see it's broken, and critics are too idiotic to see that it isn't." - Brian McCormick

Human adaptability ensures that humans would be the finest guinea pigs for increasingly insane experiments and breeding programs, so it would make sense for the Daelkyr to create them for later "products" of various sorts to be tested on. Maybe one of the Daelkyr made the humans in their own image in order to mock the others.
My thoughts:

First, bear in mind that the Daelkyr aren't "the rulers of Xoriat". There are other things more powerful than they are in Xoriat. They are simply the most powerful entities that have taken an interest in interacting with other worlds.

Second: I don't believe that the Daelkyr have a uniform appearance. Kyrzin has been depicted as having a body made of slime with humanoid limbs & head stuck into it. The image in the core book is one possible appearance, not the only one. But more than that...


The Daelkyr are madness incarness. They drive mortals insane by virtue of their mere presence, and warp flesh with a touch. In my opinion, they have no true form we can comprehend; whoever looks at them creates a vision that makes sense to them. Kyrzin isn't ACTUALLY a blob of slime with someone's arms stuck in it; but he is Xoriat's Prince of Slime, and that's the closest your mind can get to his true nature. As humans, WE often see them as human. But a hobgoblin might see a disturbingly beautiful hobgoblin with flayed skin... or something entirely different. The short form is don't be limited by the picture. It's a possibility, but not necessarily the truth.
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