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this is my first topic i've made so sorry is it is not perfect

i had 20.00$ to make my deck so i made this


swamp 20


festering goblin 4

boneknitter 3

highborn ghoul 4

unbreathing horde 4

noxious ghoul 3

mikaeus, the unhallowed 1

cemetery reaper 2

dread slaver 2

abattoir ghoul 2


army of the damned 1

ghoulcaller's chant 3

moan of the unhallowed 2

vile rebirth 2

endless ranks of the dead 2

grave betrayal 1

call to the grave 1

doom blade 2

what do you think???

For a first attempt it's not bad, but here's some changes to consider when you have the budget:

1. Not enough land. you have 3 spells that are above 6cc, 6 at 5cc, and 6 at 4cc. With 20 mana sources you're going to be stuck holding these cards pretty often. 

2. For removal, consider Nameless Inversion. It's all creature types, meaning that Unbreathing Horde counts it, and Ghoulcaller's Chant returns it to your hand. Risky is the creatures toughness is above four, but worth a gamble. They're dirt cheap too.
thanks i didn't even think of nameless inversion that will help the flying issues
$20.00 is the most fun budget for deck building IMO. For the deck though, Gempalm Polluter is good if you have a lot of zombies. Plus it is only like $0.25. 

the deck seems a little scattered in terms of strategy and cmc's

probably the easiest way to do this is agro strategy of a bunch of cmc 1 zombies with lords and maybe a burn or two - this is possible on a budget.

It seems like you have a basic idea of what your going for and all and all it is decent for the first go at it. As far as some stuff i would say to get i personally like useing Gempalm Polluter clearly not for a creature to actualy play but for the cycleing i have clinched a few games now where i been in a stalemate on the board but had enough zombies to use it for the dmg. 
 Army of the damned is a flashy card that i admit attracted me as well when i first made my zombie deck however the mana is a bit high for it and is very hard to get it out fash enough. I found that generally i was dead or won the game before i had the mana to use it. If you want to stick with that i would look into Dark Ritual they should not me too pricey but its a useful tool in any mono black deck imo. 
  I would also look into some more diverse kill spells reason i say this is i just run into alot of decks with black in it so i stay away from doomblade mabey go with some Tragic Slip if you manage to have call to the grave on the feild you probly will keep having the morbid ability. Bone Splinters also works well with zombies that you can just bring back. Then as far as that goes this on the more pricey side but if you like the idea of tokens and massing a zombie horde i save up and look into Grave Titan

Other than that def work on the mana curve and fix the amount of lands you are running good luck

                                                                                                                                                                                        <----- Loser.

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