Companion Creature that can be reflavored as a "henchman"

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Ok I had a character concept and as I was thinking this character needs a henchman, but the campaign doesn't use henchman (and I am not familiar with the rules anyway)

What I need: Some theme, power multiclass ability that allows me to have a companion who I can reflavor as an intelegent henchman. What I have looked at so far.

Sidhe Lord;
The Sidhe house guard is a fey humanoid, which looks real promising, but it only gets surge value hit points, making it real squishy.

Fey Beast Tamer:
It says the companion is not intelegent, but it does have more hit point and could so more. Maybe some how I could make it work. . not sure.

Multiclass shaman:
Spirit companion is the most durable of sorts, but it is a conjuration. Don't know how to try to do the roll play on that.

Is there any others that I have not thought of? I am ok with the roll playing being some form of "talking with myself" if I had like ghost sounds or something. I would just like some option to have the companion.

Thanks for any help.

You know you could always refluff the fey beast as an intellegent creature, hell you could also go with a beast master ranger and say that your "ape" companion is actually a goblin or halfling and just ask the DM if you can get a better intellegence for him or her....
You might take arcane familiar feat, and reskin a book imp. Familiars are mechanically underpowered, but try asking your DM to throw you a bone, and give you a familiar power for free. Only problem is book imps have a range limit before they teleport back to you.
Personally I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use the Hireling/Henchmen stuff if you're just refluffing something else into one?

It just doesn't make sense to try and build something subpar into something that already exists...

I'd ask your DM to allow it, as the rules are very simple.
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