Proficiencies question

Under classes, i see examples of areas a class has Proficiencies with.  Yet I can't seem to find the "Proficiency" rules.  Are they in one of the pdf's and i just haven't found it yet, or are the rules not published yet?

Thank you for your time.
There are no proficiency rules that I know. A good houserule might be that the class's bonus to attack only applies to weapons on the class's weapon list.
I believe (though I cannot say for certain) that is the implication. Hence why the proficiency bonus is recorded per class and not with the equipment stats as it is seen in the 4e rules. I would say that is a fair assessment and allows for a player to fight with the weapon of their choice, but with a penalty if the player is not automatically proficient. I think it would be a neat rule to have certain proficencies as a part of certain backgrounds. For instance, a cleric or even an rogue with a soldier background would be trained in Martialweapons if they were a soldier. A noble of ny class would be proficient with Finesse weapons and so on.
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