11/19/2012 Draft Simulator

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Draft Simulator, which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.

W/B exalted seemed to be open.
W/B exalted seemed a little nuts this time around.  Splashing red for a pair of burn spells.

Round 1:
Knight of Glory This vs. Cathedral, I'm gonna take the body thanks.
Pacifism One good white card deserves another.
Crusader of Odric I like her (probably more than I should)
Ajani's Sunstriker I'm going to try for exalted so she should be decent there.
Crippling Blight force through damage
Tormented Soul force through damage
Duty-Bound Dead sweet 1-drop exalted
Guardians of Akrasa more exalted
Veilborn Ghoul doesn't stay dead, but is a bit expensive
Ravenous Rats black critter
Dark Favor why not.
Divine Favor why not.
Erase whatevs
Smelt whatevs
Plains whatevs

Round 2:
Flames of the Firebrand Nothing really jumps out at me and I could use some more removal and this is plenty worth a splash.
Attended Knight LOVE THIS CARD.
Searing Spear More burn.
Bloodhunter Bat evasive
Crippling Blight force damage through
Captain's Call tokens are decent with exalted.
Ring of Thune I heard this card is good with white creatures...
Duty-Bound Dead sweet.
Guardian Lions eh, whatevs.
Disentomb sure.
Tormented Soul I like it.
Goblin Arsonist whatevs
Reverberate whatevs, raredraft
Tricks of the Trade whatevs
Mountain whatevs

Round 3:
Griffin Protector Flyer
Disciple of Bolas Duuuuuuude.
Jace, Memory Adepto.O...hate draft.
Duty-Bound Dead dbd #3, solid
Duty-Bound Dead=DDDD dbd #4!!
Ajani's Sunstriker great with exalted, may not come out until t3, but that's ok.
Ring of Xathrid heard this was decent with black creatures.
Glorious Charge eh, whatevs
Bloodthrone Vampire wow...this could really be a blowout
Duress sure, why not.
Ring of Evos Isle whatevs
Faith's Reward whatevs
Serpent's Gift whatevs
Volcanic Strength whatevs
Plains whatevs

Creatures (17)

Non-Creatures (7)
2x Crippling Blight
1x Pacifism
1x Searing Spear
1x Ring of Thune
1x Ring of Xathrid
1x Flames of the Firebrand

Lands (16)
7x Swamp
6x Plains
3x Mountain




Okay, so the sunstriker is more like t4 card, but I'm okay with that.  I cut the number of lands down to 16 because of my low curve and I went higher swamps then plains b/c I have 6 black 1-drops that I want to get down ASAP.  This deck should always have a T1 play that will attack for 2 damage on t2.


From Mark Rosewater's Tumblr: the0uroboros asked: How in the same set can we have a hexproof, unsacrificable(not a word) creature AND a land that makes it uncounterable. How does this lead to interactive play? I believe I’m able to play my creature and you have to deal with it is much more interactive than you counter my creature.


Post #777


MaRo: One of the classic R&D stories happened during a Scars of Mirrodin draft. Erik Lauer was sitting to my right (meaning that he passed to me in the first and third packs). At the end of the draft, Erik was upset because I was in his colors (black-green). He said, "Didn't you see the signals? I went into black-green in pack one." I replied, "Didn't you see my signals? I started drafting infect six drafts ago."


MaRo: I redesigned him while the effect was on the stack.

I forced mono-green and ended up with this deck. I aim to establish a solid creature advantage simply by boarding a lot of them and, in addition, to protect them and remove the opponent's creatures using various combat tricks. Furthermore, damage should be getting through via the Rancor/Ring combos since they most likely will stay even if the creature does not. Hopefully, the Forcemages/Visionaries + Primadox will be able to help me in drawn-out matchups, garnering me advantage.

I was unsure whether to include Farseek in my main deck in order to be sure to get the +1/+1 for the Boar and being able to cast Firebrand, but in the end i decided against it since I do not feel my deck relies on them.

4 Mountain
13 Forest
--- 17 lands ---

2 Arbor Elf

2 Deadly Recluse
Flinthoof Boar
2 Timberpack Wolf
2 Elvish Visionary

2 Yeva's Forcemage
Centaur Courser

Roaring Primadox
Spiked Baloth

Vastwood Gorger
--- 15 creatures ---

Prey Upon

2 Titanic Growth
Ring of Kalonia

2 Serpent's Gift
Flames of the Firebrand
--- 8 other spells ---

Notable sideboard:
Bond Beetle
Bond Beetle
Canyon Minotaur
Volcanic Strength
Mark of Mutiny
Serpent's Gift

45-card pool:

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